Security Screen Doors & Windows in Antioch CA


Many Antioch homeowners rely on a trusted local provider for high-quality security screen doors. Their doors feature durable designs and reinforced locking mechanisms to deter common forced entry methods in the area. Professional installation ensures a sturdy fit suitable for Antioch's climate. A comprehensive warranty and maintenance services give ongoing protection and peace of mind to families. As a result, residents consistently choose this reputable company as the premier source for doors tailored to safeguard Antioch properties with resilience through any conditions.

Understanding Security Screen Windows

Much like security screen doors, security screen windows provide an extra barrier of protection for regular entry windows. They use mesh screens embedded in frames fitted with locks to fortify existing windows against break-ins. The mesh is made from strong and tamper-proof materials to withstand attempts at cutting or prying. Security screen windows are available in different styles - some can slide open for ventilation while others have screens permanently installed for maximum security. They allow light and air to filter through while blocking intruders.

Benefits of Security Screen Doors & Windows

Security screen doors and windows from a reputed manufacturer like Screen & Shade Solutions offer numerous benefits:

Added layer of security - Deters break-ins and theft by making it difficult for intruders to access the home.

Ventilation and visibility - Allows easy flow of fresh air and visibility without compromising on protection. Ideal for the hot summers in Antioch.

Weather resistance - Durable mesh and frames withstand weathering for longevity.

Easy installation - Professionally installed by Screen & Shade Solutions technicians in Antioch CA for a secure and proper fit.

Variety of designs - Choose from different styles like sliding, roll-up or hinged security screens according to need.

Security Screen Doors & Windows Installation Antioch CA

Screen & Shade Solutions is one of the top providers of professionally installed security screens in the Antioch area. Their NATE-certified technicians carry out installations using heavy-duty lock systems, durable frames and mesh. Some key points about their security screen installation process:

  • Free in-home consultation and measuring to determine right sizes.
  • Removal of existing doors/windows and preparation for new security screens.
  • Careful mounting and setting of new security screens using secure hardware.
  • Options for warranty and service packages for repairs or replacements.
  • Same day installation for maximum security and convenience.
  • Guaranteed proper fit and operation with locks fully secured.

How Secure are Security Screen Doors & Windows?

Security screen doors and windows from a reputed brand like Screen & Shade Solutions offers military-grade protection. Some factors that contribute to their high security:

  • 18 to 20-gauge steel or weather-resistant aluminum frames that are hard to cut or break.
  • Fiberglass or stainless steel mesh screen that is tear-resistant and secured tightly within the frames. Difficult for intruders to cut through.
  • Multi-point locking systems with deadbolts for reinforced strength making screens difficult to jimmy open.
  • Secure mounting to doors/windows using multiple heavy-duty hinges and locks preventing anyone from just lifting off the screens.
  • Compliance with security standards like ASTME ASTM and break-in tests ensuring they withstand attempted breaches.
  • Security guards can see through meshed screens to spot any disturbances without getting too close.

Choosing the Right Antioch Security Door or Window

When selecting security screens, consider these key factors:

Design - Hinged, sliding or roll-up screens for easy accessibility. For windows, fixed or sliding screen options.

Material - Steel, aluminum or stainless steel depending on budget and durability needs. Fiberglass for higher strength.

Sizes - Accurately measure openings to order right-sized security door/window screens.

Aesthetics - Traditional or modern styles to complement the exterior décor. Available in many colors.

Accessories – Extra locks, viewers, doorbells etc. as needed. Pet doors/windows for furry kids.

Warranty – Longer warranty packages for lasting protection, especially for coastal cities like Antioch.

Screen & Shade Solutions aids in determining the right solution customized for each property’s security requirements. Their experts can advise on the most suitable security screen doors and windows in Antioch.

How Much Do Security Screen Doors & Windows Cost in Antioch?

The average cost of a professionally installed security screen door ranges from $300 to $1,000 depending on various factors:

Door Size – Larger sizes mean higher material and more labor costs. Expect $300-600 for standard 36” entry doors.

Material – Fiberglass or specialty meshes tend to be more expensive than steel or aluminum by $100-300.

Design - Traditional swinging or modern sliding/roll-up models increase costs marginally. Opt for designs that complement your home’s exterior.

Extras - Addition of pet doors, viewers, deadbolts or upgraded multipoint locking systems can increase overall screen door costs in the range of $50-200.

Prices for security screen windows are usually $200-800 depending on size of window opening and material used. Budget around $500-1000 for premium or extra large screens including any window treatments. Installation charges in Antioch average $150-250 for doors or windows. Screen & Shade Solutions offers flexible financing options so customers get the protection they deserve without stretching their budgets. Overall costs are comparable or even lower than regular entry doors/windows if factoring in added security and ventilation benefits.

Why Choose Screen & Shade Solutions?

As Northern California’s most trusted provider of security screens, windows and shades, here are some top reasons to choose Screen & Shade Solutions:

Experience - Family owned ensuring great service, quality products and competitive prices for East Bay residents.

Expertise - NATE-certified professionals for accurate measurement, installation and maintenance of all products.

Inventory - Large stock of modern and traditional security screens for doors, windows in various popular sizes.

Brands - carry top national brands like Phantom, Rhino, Maxx, R Lang and TNT ensuring strength and reliability.

Service - Priority repairs and cleaning services to maintain optimum product performance for years.

Warranty - Industry-leading lifetime material and workmanship warranty with option for maintenance plans.

Reviews – Raves about their expertise, fair business practices and convenience from thousands of happy customers like online at HomeAdvisor, Google and Facebook.

Value - Non-pushy environment focused on meeting your requirements based on property’s accessibility and budget needs.

So for all your security screens, doors and window needs in Antioch, trust the experts at Screen & Shade Solutions. Their commitment to safety, integrity and customer satisfaction through four generations sets them apart as the top choice.