Security Screen Doors & Windows in Auburn CA


Security screen doors and windows are important for homes in Auburn, CA to allow ventilation while keeping insects and pests out. They feature tightly woven mesh screens installed on the exterior side of main entry doors and windows. This provides protection from bugs and flies entering the home without blocking air flow or views of the outdoors. Many homeowners rely on quality security screens from top manufacturers like Phantom, R-Lang and Charter Oak. When installed by a professional company like Screen & Shade Solutions using the right products for each application, security screens enhance residential safety and comfort in Auburn, CA through effective ventilation and insect control.

What is a Security Screen Door?

A security screen door is an exterior door that features a mesh or perforated metal screen, installed on the exterior side of a primary wooden or metal entrance door. The screen provides visibility to the outdoors while keeping bugs, flies, mosquitos and other insects out of your home.

Security screen doors are most commonly installed in residential homes but are also suitable for commercial buildings like apartment complexes and businesses located in warmer climates where insect intrusion is more common. They allow for ventilation and visibility while preventing insects, leaves, dirt and other debris from entering the door opening when the main door is opened.

Understanding Security Screen Windows

Similar to security screen doors, security screen windows feature insect screening installed on the exterior side of regular windows. They provide all the functionality and convenience of regular windows while enhancing security and keeping pests out.

City security screen windows come in various styles like sliding, casement, double hung and more to match the existing window type. The security screen is built to withstand weather elements like rain and wind while keeping the window opening safe and secure. They allow fresh air circulation even when the primary window is closed, keeping the indoor environment well-ventilated.

Benefits of Security Screen Doors & Windows

Enhanced security - Screens prevent unwanted insects, pests and debris from entering easily while allowing visibility. This enhances overall home security.

Ventilation and air flow - Screen doors and windows allow cross ventilation and airflow without compromising on security. This keeps indoor air fresh.

Keep bugs out - Finely woven screen mesh keeps flies, mosquitoes and other annoying bugs out of the home comfortably.

Pet containment - Screens help contain pets indoors safely when doors are opened for ventilation.

Durability - Quality security screens made of rust-resistant aluminum or stainless steel last for years with minimum maintenance.

Cost savings - Installing security screens reduces reliance on pest control services and medications, saving costs.

Aesthetics - Modern screen designs complement the house exterior aesthetically without blocking views.

Security Screen Doors & Windows Installation Auburn CA

Screen & Shade Solutions is one of the premium providers of security screen doors and windows installation in Auburn CA. Their professionally trained installation technicians have vast experience in installing all major brands of security screens including brands like Phantom, Phantom Elite, Phantom Retractable Screens and Charter Oak.

Whether it's a new security screen door, replacement of an existing damaged one, or retrofitting screen windows, their team takes care of the entire process from start to finish. This includes measuring the openings, ordering or purchasing the screens, delivery, installation and setup, adjusting the fitting if needed, and educating homeowners on screen care and maintenance.

Their installation services are backed by a satisfaction guarantee along with 1 year warranty on workmanship and products. Homeowners can schedule installation online or contact them for a free, no-obligation estimate. They also offer affordable financing options for screen purchases and installations.

How Secure are Security Screen Doors & Windows?

Quality security screens installed correctly provide excellent security against insects, bugs and outdoor debris while maintaining visibility. Some key factors that determine their security effectiveness:

Mesh/Weave - Densely woven 18x16 aluminum or fiberglass mesh is stronger than 20x13 mesh and more effective at keeping out smaller bugs and flies.

Frame material - Sturdy aluminum frames are durable and rust-resistant compared to wood or lighter materials.

Mounting - Properly mounted and adjusted screens with secure latching mechanisms stay firmly in place.

Seal - No gaps along the frame perimeter prevents bugs/pests from entering through any openings.

Top brands like Phantom, R-Lang and Charter Oak use the above advanced engineering and manufacturing techniques to make their screens puncture-proof, corrosion-resistant and highly durable. When combined with a secure main door/window, they provide an effective first layer of residential security.

Choosing the Right Auburn Security Door or Window

There are several factors to consider when choosing the ideal security screen door or window for your Auburn home:

Style - Hinged, sliding, retractable etc. Choose based on doorway/window type.

Material - Aluminum is most common but wood grain or fiberglass options also available.

Mesh design - 18x16 or finer weave for maximum bug protection. Fiberglass woven mesh is also an option.

Features - Crank or electric retractability, dusk-to-dawn sensors, locks etc. depending on needs.

Brand - Top brands like Phantom, R-Lang and Charter Oak ensure quality and durability.

Budget - Pricing varies based on size, material, features. Choose one that fits your budget.

When partnering with an outlet like Screen & Shade Solutions, their experts can guide on the right selection based on home style, weather factors, and security requirements. Premium brands provide hassle-free performance.

How Much Do Security Screen Doors & Windows Cost in Auburn?

Security screen door pricing in Auburn ranges from $150 to $800 or more depending on size, material, features and brand. The basic estimates are as follows:

  • Standard 36" entry screen door - $150-$300
  • Double screen door - $250-$500
  • Fiberglass screen door - $300-$600
  • Retractable screen doors - $500-$800

Window security screen prices range from $75 to $250 or more based on size and type:

  • Small 18"x24" window screen - $75-$150
  • Standard 36"x48" window screen - $100-$250
  • Bay or bow window screens - $200-$400

Additional costs include professional installation, typically $100-$300 depending on the number of screens.

While initial investment may be more, security screens gain value by protecting homes from unwanted insects and pest intrusion while maintaining cross ventilation comfortably. They continue providing benefits for years with minimum maintenance cost.

Why Choose Screen & Shade Solutions?

As one of the trusted providers of security screens and shades in Northern California, here are some key reasons to choose Screen & Shade Solutions for all your needs:

Wide selection of major brands like Phantom, Charter Oak and R-Lang.

  • Expert product recommendations based on requirements.
  • Professional installation and setup services.
  • Affordable financing and budget-friendly options.
  • Superior customer care before, during and after installation.
  • Quick response to product issues with manufacturer-backed warranty.
  • Over years of experience serving the Auburn and greater Sacramento area.
  • Strong community relationships and positive reviews & ratings online.

Screen and Shade Solutions aims to provide all homeowners in Auburn with effective, long-lasting security screens and window treatments that enhance home safety, comfort and aesthetics within their budget. Contact them today for a free estimate and appointment.