Security Screen Doors & Windows in Davis CA


Security screen door is an enhanced screen door that provides greater security protection for homes and businesses compared to a traditional screen door. Security screen doors are designed to deter unauthorized entries while still allowing ventilation and a view outside. They serve as an important secondary barrier that helps prevent insects, pets, and potential intruders from entering homes and offices through doorways.

Modern security screen doors are made from strong, durable materials like aircraft-grade aluminum or reinforced steel that make them difficult to cut, puncture or force open. Many models also come with additional security features like reinforced frames, advanced locking mechanisms, and tamper-resistant screens. They allow residents to feel safer yet maintain an open, airy atmosphere inside.

Understanding Security Screen Windows

Just like security screen doors, security screen windows serve as a defensive layer added to standard windows. They secure existing windows against break-ins while continuing to allow light and airflow. Most security screen windows have reinforced frames, sturdy mesh screens, and can be easily installed over interior or exterior sides of windows.

The hardened screen material deters anyone from reaching through to unlock windows from the outside. Many screen products also use multilayered mesh construction or smaller screen openings to provide enhanced puncture resistance against tools or hands. With security screen windows installed, residents can keep their actual windows open during warm nights without worrying about unwanted visitors entering.

Benefits of Security Screen Doors & Windows

Deter crime: The hardened materials and additional barrier make it much more difficult for burglars to gain unauthorized access quickly. This reduces theft and property crime risks.

Allow ventilation: Unlike solid doors or windows, security screens still enable airflow to circulate while barrier is engaged for added protection. This keeps indoor spaces comfortably ventilated.

View outside: The see-through mesh maintains a clear view out of doors and windows so residents aren't sealed off from the outside. It supports an open, bright environment inside.

Pet and insect control: Sturdy screen material securely keeps bugs, flies, and pets where they belong - outside. Allergens and pests aren't easily able to enter homes.

Low maintenance: Many brands use rust-proof, durable aluminum or composites that don't require painful upkeep like wood. Frames maintain their integrity for years with minimal effort.

Security Screen Doors & Windows Installation Davis CA

Professional security screen door and window installation is recommended for a quality, long-lasting result. Experienced Davis-based companies like Screen & Shade Solutions ensure products are correctly measured, fitted, and installed at residential and commercial properties per manufacturer instructions.

Their certified technicians make precise cuts as needed, anchor all new frames securely into existing openings using appropriate hardware, and adjust any mechanisms like locks or closures for optimal function. Proper installation is key to products performing to their maximum security standard and preventing damage from things like wind or pressure over time. It may also be required to maintain product warranties.

Screen & Shade Solutions only uses manufacturer-approved installation methods appropriate for the Davis climate to protect local homes and businesses. They provide convenient installation services and estimate throughout Davis.

How Secure are Security Screen Doors & Windows?

Quality security screen doors and windows used in conjunction with other security systems provide highly effective barrier protection. Most modern brands undergo stringent testing to meet industry impact standards, with many rated to withstand attempted kicked, punched or hammer forced entry attempts.

Reinforced frames are hard to compromise with common hand tools. Locking mechanisms engage multiple secure points along strike plates making them very difficult to slip past or force open in short time frames. Additionally, smaller tighter weaves and multiple layers in screens make them highly resistant to penetration.

All these security enhancements make the screens function more like solid barriers, but still maintain ventilation benefits. When professionally installed, they significantly raises the effort required for unauthorized access, helping prevent opportunistic crimes and allowing entry only by approved individuals with keys or knowledge of the home.

Choosing the Right Davis Security Door or Window

When selecting security screen products, it's important to match the right solution to your specific space and threat concerns. Screen & Shade Solutions' knowledgeable staff can advise on the optimal options for homes and businesses in Davis and Lincoln.

For example, extra large doors or storefront windows may require stronger, heavier-duty screens. Glass security screens can provide an invisible barrier around windows inside the home. Sliding or bifolding screens secure non-traditional openings. Property owners with children or pets may prefer tamper-resistant locks higher up.

Evaluating your setting and specific risks helps determine the level of protection required. High-security brands like R Lang, Phantom, and Security are top choices for maximum strength and break-in deterrence. Choosing an experienced local company ensures the right screens are professionally recommended, fitted and installed for Davis locations.

How Much Do Security Screen Doors & Windows Cost in Davis?

Security screen door and window prices can vary depending on material selection, size, brand, and additional features. However, their costs are generally very reasonable for the high value they provide. Many homeowners find them to be a very affordable security investment compared to other options like alarm systems.

In Davis, expect to pay between $200-$500 installed for a standard 36" entry-level security screen door. Larger extra-wide or double-door units may range $300-$800. Individual security windows commonly fall in the $150-$350 installed range based on size. The highest-end commercial grade products with maximum materials and features could reach $1,000-$1,500 per unit.

However, quality screens provide excellent return on investment by significantly strengthening existing openings and deterring costly burglaries or damages over the long run. Screen & Shade Solutions also offers financing options for larger commercial jobs and multi-unit installations in Davis to keep initial costs low. Home security doesn't need to break the budget.

Why Choose Screen & Shade Solutions?

For over years, Screen & Shade Solutions has been trusted for quality, affordable security, shade, and ventilation products in the Davis area. They stock top commercial and residential security screen brands like R Lang, Thermaflect, Phantom and Security.

Screen & Shade Solutions' certified technicians receive ongoing manufacturer training for expert Davis-appropriate product recommendations, measurements, customizations, and professional installations every time. They understand local climate and construction concerns to maintain residential warranties. Every installation is checked for perfect fit and function.

Their professional service from estimate start to finish is backed with the goal of 100% customer satisfaction. Reputable companies like Screen & Shade Solutions also offer ongoing support after installations through maintenance referrals or product replacement if ever needed.

Call Screen & Shade Solutions today to receive a free security screen door or window estimate for your Davis home or business. They proudly serve the entire greater Davis area with convenient appointment setups.