Security Screen Doors & Windows in El Dorado Hills CA


Whether you're looking for additional security or seeking to keep bugs and other unwanted visitors out of your home, security screen doors and windows are a must-have for any El Dorado Hills property. As one of the top providers of security screens in the area, Screen & Shade Solutions offers a wide selection of high-quality, beautifully designed screening products to meet your needs. In this guide, we'll explore the features and benefits of security screens, the installation process, and why Screen & Shade Solutions should be your trusted source for all your screening requirements.

What is a Security Screen Door?

A security screen door is an exterior door that features a durable, tightly woven metal or fiberglass mesh screen. The screen adds an extra layer of security by preventing intruders from gaining access to your home while still allowing ventilation and visibility when the primary door is open. Most security screen doors mount onto an existing entry door using heavy-duty aluminum or stainless-steel frames. The frames provide a sturdy barrier and incorporate multipoint locking mechanisms for enhanced security.

Some key things to note about security screen doors include:

Mesh Material: Aluminum and fiberglass are popular mesh materials, balancing security and durability. Fiberglass mesh has a longer lifespan.

Frame Design: Full-view or semi-view frame styles are available. Full-view provides maximum visibility while semi-view has upper and lower horizontal bars.

Locking System: Quality brands like Larson and R Lang use several points of locks integrated into the robust frames for strength.

Screens In El Dorado Hills: Screen & Shade Solutions carries leading residential modern security screen doors suited for El Dorado Hills homes.

Understanding Security Screen Windows

While screen doors safeguard entry points, security screen windows fortify other vulnerable areas like basement windows or those easily accessible from outdoor decks or patios. These screens function similarly to screen doors but mount directly onto existing window frames rather than a primary door. Different screen window styles accommodate various window configurations, from single hung to sliding styles.

Some factors to consider with security screen windows include:

Material & Mesh: Aluminum and fiberglass are durable and rust-resistant materials with mesh blocking insects and debris.

Mounting Hardware: Screens securely fasten to window frames using adjustable mounting brackets for a snug, long-lasting fit.

Locking Mechanisms: Quality city security screen windows like Chandler Insect Screens feature locks on all sides for enhanced protection.

Installed By Professionals: Proper installation is important for security and performance. Screen & Shade Solutions provides window security screen installation in El Dorado Hills.

Benefits of Security Screen Doors & Windows

There are numerous advantages that security screen doors and windows provide homeowners, including:

Increased Security - The tightly woven mesh and multipoint locking mechanisms deter unwanted human and animal entry much more effectively than regular screens.

Superior Airflow & Views - Unlike solid doors or opaque window coverings, screening allows cross ventilation and full visibility while the main entrance remains secure.

All-Season Protection - Durable fiberglass or aluminum mesh withstands weathering all year long, keeping homes safe during any season or climate.

Pest & Insect Barrier - Finely woven material physically blocks most insects, spiders, and other bug entry to homes unlike standard window/patio door screens.

Low Maintenance - Powder-coated aluminum and corrosion-resistant fiberglass require little maintenance over the product's long lifespan.

Security Screen Doors & Windows Installation El Dorado Hills CA

For the utmost security and performance from your new screening, it's recommended to have screening professionally installed. With over 20 years of experience, Screen & Shade Solutions provides expert security screen door installation and window screen replacement services throughout El Dorado Hills and surrounding areas. Their installation process includes:

Site Evaluation - Measuring openings and product recommendations for the best fit and function.

Surface Preparation - Ensuring frames and surfaces are clean for proper adhesion and mounting.

Careful Assembly - Following manufacturers' instructions to build, fit, and attach frames securely in place.

Adjustment - Fine-tuning for smooth, even operation and lock engagement on all sides.

Quality Control - Final inspections verify security, functionality, and aesthetics meet homeowners' standards.

How Secure are Security Screen Doors & Windows?

When properly installed by a reputable professional screen company like Screen & Shade Solutions, security screening provides formidable defense against unwanted intrusion. Key factors that strengthen their security capabilities include:

  • Fine 18x16 or 18x14 mesh is too narrow for hands or tools to gain purchase. Mesh is also tear-resistant.
  • Multi-point locking systems engage at multiple perimeter points for superior strength over single-point locks.
  • Reinforced aluminum or stainless frames withstand considerable pressure without flexing or failure.
  • Optional security screen door locks and additional perimeter locks along window screens further deter forced entry attempts.
  • Compliant screening has passed intruder resistance tests by accredited certification bodies like ANSI.

Choosing the Right El Dorado Hills Security Door or Window

When selecting security screens, consider these criteria suited to your residential property:

Style - Traditional or contemporary. Full-light, half-light or full security styles.

Material - Consider material strengths for your climate - aluminum, stainless steel, fiberglass, etc.

Size - Measure openings accurately for customized fit and security.

Color - Options like bronze, white or black to complement your home.

Durability - Fiberglass is top choice for longevity if budget allows.

Screen & Shade Solutions partners trusted manufacturers like Titan, Larson, and R. Lang known for modern security screen doors suitable for El Dorado Hills homes. Their experts can recommend the brand and model optimized for your needs.

How Much Do Security Screen Doors & Windows Cost in El Dorado Hills?

On average, homeowners can expect to pay between $300-$1000 or more for a professionally installed security screen door or window, depending on material choice and brand. Some typical cost ranges include:

Aluminum Security Screen Door: $300-600 installed. Affordable option better for California's mild climate.

Fiberglass Security Screen Door: $600-1000 installed. More durable material and tighter mesh for enhanced protection.

Single Security Window Screen: $100-250 installed depending on size and features.

Sliding Patio Screen Door with Dual Locking System: $800-1500 installed. High-security solution.

Screen & Shade Solutions makes financing options like no-interest programs available to fit various budgets. They also offer free quotes to help budget your security screening upgrades tailored to your home and site conditions in El Dorado Hills.

Why Choose Screen & Shade Solutions?

As one of the Sacramento region's leading screening providers, Screen & Shade Solutions has set themselves apart with:

Exceptional Products - Partnering with top manufacturers for performance, style and durability.

Expertise - Over years in residential security screening installations in the greater Sacramento/El Dorado Hills areas.

Quality Workmanship - Skilled professionals who carefully measure, fit and finish each project.

Customer Service - Knowledgeable staff answer questions and manage installations and warranty concerns.

Value - Competitive pricing matched by credit options and a lifetime warranty on installations.

Reviews - Over 1000 five-star reviews attest to their craftsmanship, reliability, and customer satisfaction.

Give Screen & Shade Solutions a call today for a free security screening estimate or visit their El Dorado Hills showroom to learn more about your options. Their experienced staff make selecting and installing the right security screen doors near me effortless.