Security Screen Doors & Windows in Grass Valley CA


Whether you're looking to improve safety, keep pests out, or gain additional climate control, security screen doors and windows can provide numerous benefits for Grass Valley homes and businesses. As the premier source for screening and shade solutions in the area, Screen & Shade Solutions offers a wide selection of high-quality, durable security screen products from top manufacturers. Let's take a closer look at what security doors and windows are, their advantages, installation options, and how to choose the right screens for your Grass Valley property.

What is a Security Screen Door?

A security screen door is an exterior door that features tight mesh screening instead of traditional glass or solid wood panels. The fine mesh screening allows air to freely circulate while keeping insects, debris, and potential intruders out of the home. Security screen doors provide an extra level of protection beyond a standard interior door alone. They are often incorporated as a secondary barrier after the primary entry door.

Security screen doors are most commonly made of aluminum, but some models feature aluminum frames with fiberglass or vinyl screens. The mesh screening itself is typically 18x16 openings or smaller to keep even little flying pests like gnats and mosquitoes out. Modern security screen doors in Grass Valley are stylish with clean lines to complement residential architectural styles.

Understanding Security Screen Windows

Like security screen doors, security screen windows install on the exterior of existing windows to add an extra layer of durable screening. Screens for windows come in a variety of sizes to accommodate most common window configurations, from single hung to sliding designs. Security screen windows clamp securely in place without interfering with normal window operation or views.

The screens themselves are made from the same small meshes as screen doors. Some premium security window screens even feature ultra-fine mesh down to 18x14 openings to block the tiniest insects and airborne allergens. The heavy-duty aluminum frames are designed to withstand weather and withstand minor impacts without damage.

Benefits of Security Screen Doors & Windows

There are many advantages to installing security screen doors and windows in Grass Valley homes and businesses:

Increased Security - Screening provides an extra barrier to prevent unwanted entry. This deters burglars and vandals.

Improved Climate Control - Fine mesh allows maximum air flow while keeping bugs and debris out for comfortable indoor-outdoor living.

Health Protection - Screens block ticks, mosquitoes and other pests that may carry diseases. This reduces allergens and irritation too.

Durability - Heavy-duty aluminum frames and tight mesh lasts for years with little maintenance required compared to traditional doors and windows.

Energy Efficiency - Installing exterior screens helps regulate temperature inside and lowers cooling/heating bills.

Pet Protection - Screens contain pets safely indoors without fear of escape. Small animals like lizards and snakes can't enter either.

Aesthetic Benefits - Modern styles of security screens complement today's architectural designs without compromising views or natural light.

Security Screen Doors & Windows Installation Grass Valley CA

Professional installation is highly recommended for security door and window screens to ensure a long-lasting, secure fit. Screen & Shade Solutions offers complete security screen installation services throughout Grass Valley. Their experienced technicians will remove existing screens, measure and customize screen openings as needed, then mount the new security screens in their place.

Custom fit is important for a tight seal and optimal performance. Installation includes adjusting and adjusting tracking, clamping or fastening screens securely per manufacturer’s instructions. The process takes just a few hours for most average sized homes. Screen & Shade Solutions also provides ongoing screen repair services for replacements down the road. Their installers are fully licensed, insured, and background checked for customer peace of mind.

Security Screen Doors & Windows in Grass Valley CA

When properly installed, modern security screens provide excellent protection against unwanted entry. The tightly woven aluminum mesh is difficult to cut through and not easily removed from durable frames. Most screen material is rated to withstand over 150 pounds of force without tearing or coming loose. This far surpasses the strength needed to deter average burglars scoping for easy targets.

While no screen system can be described as “burglar proof,” the multi-layer barrier a screen adds is a proven theft deterrent. Security is further improved when screens are used in combination with other safety features like locks, an alarm system, outdoor lighting and trimmed landscaping. Well-installed screens are good for blocking even determined minor property crimes of opportunity. They create an extra challenge between a potential intruder and access to a home or building. Additional reinforcement is sometimes available for exceptionally high-risk properties too.

Choosing the Right Grass Valley Security Door or Window

When shopping for new security screen doors and windows in Grass Valley, it's important to choose products designed specifically for high traffic, extreme weather, and constant open/close applications. Screen & Shade Solutions partners with top manufacturers known for longevity under real world conditions:

  • R Lang brings European engineered screen doors featuring solid brass hardware and lifetime warranties. Popular homeowners' first choice.
  • Charley's Doors provides durable vinyl-clad doors and Pet AccessTM doors ideal for families with dogs and cats.
  • Phantom Screens attaches discreetly to existing frames for an elegantly concealed security system.
  • Titan Products manufactures heavy-duty commercial grade screens protecting stores, apartments and more.

Screen & Shade experts can help evaluate your screening needs and budget to match the ideal security solution. Customization options ensure a perfect custom fit for every opening.

How Much Do Security Screen Doors & Windows Cost in Grass Valley?

Expect to spend $300-$800 on average for a standard sized residential security screen door installed in Grass Valley, depending on the door style, materials and brand chosen. Security window screens usually range from $75-$150 each installed. Larger doors, specialty pet doors, extra wide windows, and commercial grade products for businesses tend towards the higher end of cost ranges.

The investment is very reasonable considering security screens can last 15-20 years or more with proper care. Long-term energy savings from improved insulation also offsets initial costs over time. Financing is available through Screen & Shade Solutions as well. Many customers feel the peace of mind from added protection is well worth the small investment. Premium screen manufacturers also stand behind their products with extensive limited warranties should issues arise later on.

Why Choose Screen & Shade Solutions?

As Grass Valley's leading resource for premium security screening and sun protection, Screen & Shade Solutions sets itself apart through a commitment to quality, service and expertise. Their factory-trained installers hold specialized certifications to expertly handle any screening project. Resources and relationships with top brands ensure customers get the very best security door and window options on the market.

Convenient in-home consultations allow Screen & Shade Solutions to fully understand unique needs before recommending customized solutions. Their financing options and warranty registrations simplify the process too. Trusted in the area for over years, their professionalism provides total confidence. Call or visit their Grass Valley showroom today to discuss security screening for any local home or business. Screen & Shade Solutions is dedicated to complete customer satisfaction with every Grass Valley security doors and windows installation.