Security Screen Doors & Windows in Lincoln CA


When it comes to protecting your home and family, security should always be the top priority. As technology continues to advance, so do security products for the home. Security screen doors and windows provide an extra layer of protection while still allowing ample airflow and visibility. If you live in the Lincoln, CA area and want the latest in home security options, take a look at security screen doors and windows.

Security Screen Doors Lincoln CA

A security screen door is similar to a standard screen door but with enhanced protections built into the design. While a standard screen door will keep bugs out, a security screen door can also keep unwanted intruders from accessing your home. Security screen doors are made with reinforced frames, stronger screen mesh, and durable locking mechanisms. Most feature a finer mesh screen, 18-gauge aluminum or stainless steel construction, heavy-duty ball bearing hinges, and a multipoint locking system. The finer mesh provides excellent visibility while deterring even the smallest insects. The reinforced material and locks make the door resistant to kicking, jabbing, or prying open.

Security Screen Windows Lincoln CA

Security screen windows function much like security screen doors but provide protection for vulnerable windows instead. They install easily over existing windows, lending an extra layer of security. Most security screen windows feature similar enhancements as security screen doors including reinforced frames, tight mesh screens, durable locking mechanisms, and sturdier materials like aluminum or stainless steel. Some advanced window security screens even come equipped with shatterproof film or glass to further secure your home. Installing security screen windows from a trusted brand like R Lang or Titan offers peace of mind knowing your family and belongings are protected even when windows are open for fresh air.

Benefits of Security Screen Doors & Windows

Beyond enhanced security, modern security screen doors and windows provide numerous other advantages:

Improved Airflow - The mesh screen allows free airflow and cross breezes while still blocking insects and debris. This keeps air circulating without compromising protection.

Increased Visibility - Finer mesh screens provide excellent visibility while maintaining security. You can see clearly outside without compromising protection.

Weather Resistance - Reinforced aluminum or stainless steel construction stands up to weather and corrosion better than wood. This ensures long-lasting performance.

Customization - Many brands like R Lang offer a wide variety of styles, colors, and design options to match any home's aesthetics.

Pet Protection - The tightly-woven mesh helps contain pets indoors while keeping other stray animals out.

Noise Reduction - Heavier-duty frames and glass options provide sound dampening to reduce noise transmission.

Safety - In addition to security, modern locks and reinforced designs help prevent accidental opening that could endanger children or pets.

Security Screen Doors & Windows Installation Lincoln CA

For secure and proper installation of your new security screen doors or windows in Lincoln, CA, it's recommended to use a professional installation service. Screen & Shade Solutions offers full installation of high-quality security screens in the Lincoln area. Their experienced technicians will properly measure and fit your doors and windows, ensuring a snug fit with a weather-tight seal. All necessary installation components like hinges, locks, frames, and track are included for a turnkey service. Request a free estimate from Screen & Shade Solutions to have your new security screens expertly installed.

How Secure are Security Screen Doors & Windows?

When manufactured by a reputable brand, modern security screen doors and windows offer excellent protection for your Lincoln home. However, no product is completely fail-proof, so it's important to choose options engineered with redundant security features:

  • 18-22 gauge reinforced steel or aluminum construction provides strength.
  • Multi-point locking systems rather than single latches increase strength.
  • Hardened glass resistant to kicks, jabs or blows adds an extra layer of protection for windows.
  • Optional security bars or grilles installed within the frame further deter unwanted entry.
  • Quality screen mesh (14-18 fiberglass or stainless steel) tightly woven between .25-.33" makes cutting or jabbing through difficult.

Look for products tested and rated using industry standards like DP50. Reputable brands frequently test beyond minimum standards to deliver the highest security possible without sacrificing airflow and visibility.

Choosing the Right Lincoln Security Door or Window

When selecting the ideal security screen door or window for your Lincoln home, consider these factors:

Style - Choose traditional or modern looks to complement your home's aesthetic.

Material - Most common are aluminum or stainless steel for corrosion-resistance and strength. Consider window glass options too.

Size - Measure openings carefully for accurate fits that won't require modifications.

Mesh - Select tightly-woven mesh between 14-18 fiberglass or stainless steel.

Extras - Consider extras like built-in pet doors, window bars, or fingerprint-resistant coatings.

Warranty - Look for long-term warranties from reputable manufacturers like R Lang or Phantom Screens.

Brand - Select a trusted, tested brand like Phantom Screens, R Lang or TroyGuard for highest quality and peace of mind.

Budget - Costs vary by material, size, and extras.

How Much Do Security Screen Doors & Windows Cost in Lincoln?

The cost of a professionally-installed security screen door or window in Lincoln, CA ranges depending on the specific product features, materials, size, and additional accessories. 

Why Choose Screen & Shade Solutions?

As a trusted local provider, Screen & Shade Solutions in Lincoln offers high-quality products and expertise in security screens. They partner with top brands like R Lang, Phantom Screens and Titian for the best options available on the market. Their experienced installation team ensures a weather-tight fit for maximum protection and performance. Screen & Shade Solutions can also customize window tinting, repelling, Solar Patrol and sunscreen solutions for whole-home upgrades. Customers praise their professionalism, warranties, and ongoing service. Contact Screen & Shade Solutions today for a free in-home estimate on security screen doors or windows tailored to your Lincoln home's specific needs and budget.