Security Screen Doors & Windows in Merced CA


A security screen door is an additional protective barrier that is installed at the main entrance points of homes and businesses in Merced, CA. It serves as an extra layer of security for the front door beyond a traditional wooden door or glass storm door. Security screen doors are made from very durable and reinforced mesh or bar materials such as aluminum, steel or bronze that can withstand attempted forced entry. The frames that hold the mesh or bars are also very robust in order to securely hold the screen in place. Unlike a regular household screen or storm door which is primarily intended to keep insects out, a security screen door is purposefully reinforced and designed to prevent intruders from being able to gain unauthorized access through the entrance. It forms a sturdy barrier that allows ventilation while keeping unwanted visitors and burglars out of the property.

Most security screen doors feature self-closing hinges and secure locking mechanisms like multi-point locking systems. The self-closing hinges ensure the door closes securely behind you, and multiple locking points along the door frame provide a tighter seal compared to standard slide locks. Many security screen doors on the market today also come with anti-lift technology to prevent intruders from prying the door open from the outside.

Understanding Security Screen Windows

Like security screen doors, security screen windows utilize stronger framing and mesh materials compared to standard insect screening. Security screen windows aim to safeguard window openings from unwanted access while still allowing sunlight and fresh air flow. Common security screen window features include:

Reinforced aluminum or steel frames: Stronger frames are less prone to damage from forced entry attempts.

Smaller mesh sizes: Finer woven mesh, often 18x16 or smaller, does a better job resisting cuts or punctures from tools.

Durable mesh materials: Stainless steel or composite materials like Phifer Tendura are highly puncture and tear resistant.

Locking mechanisms: Integrated window locks that engage when closed help prevent windows from being opened from the outside.

Anti-lift tabs: Metal tabs along the frame bottom reinforce against prying open the window from the bottom.

Impact-resistant options: Some windows offer glass breakage resistance or even bullet-resistant polycarbonate glazing inserts.

Benefits of Security Screen Doors & Windows

Investing in security screen doors and windows for your Merced home brings several peace of mind advantages:

Deters intruders: The reinforced construction acts as a strong deterrent against forced entry attempts through exterior openings.

Adds an access barrier: An extra layer of barrier between the outside and your living space buys time in an emergency situation.

Insect protection: Finer mesh more effectively keeps out bugs and other unwelcome visitors while still allowing airflow.

Weather resistance: Premium frames are usually highly durable and resist damage from sun, rain, winds and general wear-and-tear over time.

Energy efficiency: Properly installed, security screens contribute to energy savings by reducing air leaks around windows and doors.

Aesthetic enhancement: Modern security screen designs blend seamlessly with your home’s architectural style for a stylish curb appeal boost.

Security Screen Doors & Windows Installation Merced CA

Screen & Shade Solutions handles all types of security screen door and window installations for Merced homeowners and buildings. Their experienced installation technicians take care of the entire process from start to finish:

Consultation: Measure your openings and help select the best screen option for your needs and budget.

Preparation: Carefully remove existing screens and prep the surfaces.

Installation: Mount or retrofit the new security screens securely using quality fasteners.

Adjustment: Ensure proper operation and fit before finalizing the installation.

Warranty: All installations come with a limited lifetime warranty on materials and workmanship.

Through their partnership with top manufacturers like R Lang and Titan, Screen & Shade Solutions stocks a wide selection of security screen configurations for residential homes. They also provide commercial grade screens for businesses, schools and apartment buildings in Merced.

How Secure are Security Screen Doors & Windows?

While no screen system makes a home completely impervious, modern security screens from reputable manufacturers do offer significantly enhanced protection compared to regular insect screening. Some key security factors to consider:

Mesh Materials - Premium stainless steel or ballistic nylon meshes can resist cutting and tearing far better than basic aluminum wire. Finer mesh sizes also obstruct intruder hand and tool access.

Frame Construction - Reinforced aluminum, steel or premium composite frames are very difficult to break or peel away from door/window frames.

Hardware - Multi-point locking systems, anti-lift tabs and tamper-resistant fasteners deter forced entry methods like prying, jimmying or crowbar usage.

Installation Quality - Proper installation is essential for security screen effectiveness. Screen & Shade Solutions uses only expert technicians for flawless mounts.

Deterrence Value - Well-installed security screens actively discourage would-be intruders from targeting your home versus softer targets lacking barriers.

While no screen provides absolute protection, name brands like R Lang offer test-proven intruder deterrence. Installed correctly by Screen & Shade Solutions, security screens can buy valuable time in an emergency while strengthening your Merced home's overall perimeter defense.

Choosing the Right Merced Security Door or Window

With so many security screen options on the market, selecting the right product for your specific Merced doors and windows requires consideration of several factors:

Opening Size - Accurately measure each opening to ensure compatible screen sizes and custom fits where needed.

Material Type - Aluminum is standard but steel may be better for high-traffic or impact areas. Composite screens balance durability and aesthetics.

Mesh Specifications - 18x16 mesh is baseline security but ultra-fine meshes boost protection levels even further.

Operation Style - Hinged, sliding or roll-up screen types suit different door/window functionality needs best.

Aesthetic Preferences - Low-profile, invisible fasteners vs. exposed mounts. Frame styles like bronze-tone, white or color-matched options.

Budget - Standard vs. premium materials and features affect overall screen system costs.

Screen & Shade Solutions’ experts can assess your Merced home and recommend the ideal security screen products per opening to maximize protection within your budget. Product warranties are also an important factor in choosing a trusted brand and installer.

How Much Do Security Screen Doors & Windows Cost in Merced?

Prices for professionally-installed security screens in Merced can vary based on the specific screens chosen along with other factors:

Material Type - Aluminum is most affordable starting around $300-500 per door or window. Steel runs $500-800 usually. Composite is premium priced $800-1500 or more each.

Screen Size - Naturally, larger openings will cost more to cover than smaller windows or doors. Expect pricing to rise with opening dimensions.

Mesh Specification - Basic security meshes start around $10-15/square-foot. Premium meshes escalate costs to $15-25/sq-ft or higher.

Operation Style - Hinged doors cost more than sliding or roll-up windows which are easier to retrofit. Expected price range: doors $300-800 each, windows $250-600 each.

Additional Services - Custom fitting screens to irregular sizes, impact-rated upgrades and exterior painting/staining add to overall project costs.

On average, figure $300-700 per standard 36” security screen door and $250-600 each for an average size double hung or sliding security window installed by professionals. Larger openings, premium options or multi-screen installations may total $1000-3000 or more for a single Merced home project. Free estimates from Screen & Shade Solutions will quote your specific needs accurately.

Why Choose Screen & Shade Solutions?

As a leading provider of security and solar screens throughout Merced for over years, Screen & Shade Solutions stands out for their expertise, quality products and excellent service:

Experience - Trained and certified installation staff handle all types of screens professionally since 1985.

Product Selection - Wide inventory of top manufacturing brands like R Lang, Phifer and Titan to suit all application needs.

Workmanship - Flawless, precise installations pass rigorous quality assurance standards.

Customer Service - Knowledgeable consultants, warranty support, easy scheduling and clean finish work.

Security Focus - Dedicated to safeguarding Merced homes and buildings with intruder-deterrent systems.

Eco-Friendly - Energy efficient screens contribute to lower utility costs and a greener Merced.

Warranty Backing - Materials and labor limited lifetime warranty provides long-term peace of mind.

Trusted for residential screen doors Merced, security screen door Merced CA, modern security screen doors in Merced and more - Screen & Shade Solutions stands behind their work with the city's best reputation for quality, protected property and complete customer satisfaction.