Security Screen Doors & Windows in Rocklin CA


Whether you're looking to add an extra layer of security or keep bugs out of your home, security screen doors and windows are a great option for Rocklin residents. As one of the top manufacturers and installers in the area, Screen & Shade Solutions offers a wide range of high-quality security screens from trusted brands like R Lang and Titan.

Security Screen Door Rocklin CA

A security screen door is an exterior door that has an integrated screen mesh. The screen mesh lets air circulate while keeping bugs, leaves, and other debris outside. At the same time, the sturdy frame and tight weave of the screen mesh provide an important security barrier.

Security screen doors come in a variety of styles to complement any home, from traditional to modern. Some popular options include:

Full light screens: Offer maximum visibility with a full view screen from top to bottom.

Half light screens: Similar to full lights but with a solid bottom panel for added privacy or to keep pets inside.

Decorative screens: Feature decorative patterns or designs cut into the screen for visual interest.

Pet screens: Have extra small mesh weave to keep smaller animals and insects outside.

Lincoln CA Security Screen Windows

Just like security screen doors, security screen windows pair a mesh screen with a strong frame to provide ventilation and security. The most common types of security screen windows include:

Sliding window screens: Fit over existing sliding windows and slide open/close like the window.

Casement window screens: Attach to the outside of casement or crank-out windows and have a hinge on one side.

Double hung window screens: Feature an adjustable upper and lower screen that moves up and down like double hung windows.

Bay or bow window screens: Enclose multiple panel bay or bow windows in a rigid frame screen.

High-quality window screens use aluminum, steel or composite frames with corrosion-resistant finishes. Fiberglass or steel mesh screen provides defense against bugs and debris while allowing clear views outside.

Benefits of Security Screen Doors & Windows

There are many advantages to choosing security screen doors and windows for your Rocklin home:

Security - Reinforced frames and tight-knit mesh prevent unwanted intruders from entering easily.

Ventilation - Screens allow cross breezes without sacrifice air flow like standard windows and doors. Perfect for hot Rocklin summers.

No bugs - Fine mesh weave keeps out mosquitoes, flies, spiders and more without letting them inside to roam.

Pet protection - Extra small mesh is ideal for keeping dogs and cats safe indoors while ventilation is maintained.

Low maintenance - High-quality screen doors and windows require little care and last for many years with their durable construction.

Aesthetics - A wide array of styles are available to complement any architectural design from traditional to modern.

Security Screen Doors & Windows Installation Rocklin CA

Expert installation is highly recommended for security screen doors and windows to ensure proper functionality and performance. Screen & Shade Solutions provides professional installation services for residential and commercial customers all around Rocklin.

Our experienced technicians will remove your existing screens, measure and inspect the openings, then carefully install the new screens using quality aluminum and stainless steel hardware. All installation work is guaranteed and we provide ongoing service and repairs too.

How Secure are Security Screen Doors & Windows?

With their reinforced frames, tightly woven mesh, and quality installation, security screen doors and windows provide an important barrier of protection for your Rocklin home.

The materials and construction methods utilized by top manufacturers like R Lang and Titan make their products very difficult to force open without damaging the unit. Even if the screen is somehow compromised, it still significantly slows down an intruder and usually alerts homeowners through the noise an attempted breach would cause.

Choosing screen doors and windows with high mesh count per inch and premium frames gives maximum security benefits for your specific needs. Of course no screen is impenetrable, but they offer valuable extra peace of mind when combined with a complete home security system.

Choosing the Right Rocklin Security Door or Window

When selecting security screens for your home, consider factors like:

Style - Traditional, contemporary or decorative options in materials like wood, fiberglass or metal.

Mounting type - Hinged, sliding or double hung for easy use.

Mesh material - Fiberglass is durable yet affordable, steel is extra strong.

Mesh density - The higher the threads per inch, the more bug-proof and secure.

Frame type - Extruded aluminum frames are corrosion-resistant and strong.

Hardware - Quality concealed rollers, hinges and locks in corrosion-proof finishes.

Measuring your doors and windows properly is also important for a custom fit. Screen & Shade Solutions offers free in-home consultations to help you choose the right products for your Rocklin home and budget.

How Much Do Security Screen Doors & Windows Cost in Rocklin?

Price varies depending on brand, size, materials and style. Overall security doors and windows provide great durability and value for your investment. Stop intruders while keeping summer breezes flowing!

Why Choose Screen & Shade Solutions?

As a preferred local dealer for R Lang, Titan and other top manufacturers, Screen & Shade Solutions offers the best selection and pricing on high-performance security screen doors and windows in Rocklin.

Our experienced technicians are certified in proper installation techniques to ensure long-lasting performance. Plus we provide ongoing service and repairs after the sale. For a free in-home quote or to browse our showroom, give Screen & Shade Solutions a call today.

You'll appreciate the peace of mind that comes from choosing screens custom-fit for your Rocklin home's design and protection needs. Investing in security screen doors and windows is a smart, cost-effective way to safeguard your property and family. Contact us to transform your outdoor living experience!