Security Screen Doors & Windows in Wheatland CA


Whether you're looking to enhance the security of your home or business or need to filter out bugs and insects, security screen doors and windows provide an effective solution. As one of the leading suppliers and installers of security screens in Wheatland CA, Screen & Shade Solutions works with top manufacturers like R Lang and Titan to offer high-quality, durable screening products. In this guide, we'll explain what security screens are, their main benefits, installation options, and tips for choosing the right screen for your property in Wheatland.

Security Screen Door Wheatland CA

A security screen door is an extra layer of protection that attaches to the exterior side of your main entry door. Similar to a regular screen door but made with stronger, more durable mesh material, a security screen door deters intruders while still allowing ventilation and visibility when the main door is open. They provide an added layer of perimeter security for your home without compromising function or aesthetics.

Wheatland Security Screen Windows

Security screen windows serve a similar purpose but are designed to fit window openings both interior and exterior. Available in a variety of styles from sliding and casement to awning and fixed, security screens for windows protect glass openings from intruders while keeping bugs and debris out. The reinforced mesh or vinyl screening material is strong yet see-through to preserve natural light flow and scenic views. Dual-pane security window screens combine energy efficiency with security and are a popular upgrade option for Wheatland homes.

Benefits of Security Screen Doors & Windows

Modern security screens offer multiple advantages for both residential and commercial properties in Wheatland CA and the surrounding areas:

Deters intruders

The reinforced mesh or solid panel designs make it difficult for intruders to enter unnoticed or unwanted. This provides an extra level of perimeter protection beyond standard doors and windows alone.

Keeps insects out

Finely woven security screening keeps bugs like mosquitoes, flies, spiders and more from entering living spaces. Ideal for properties near yards, gardens, or wooded areas.

Increases ventilation: Mesh designs allow air flow while blocking insects, which provides cross-breezes and ventilation without sacrificing home protection.

Enhances curb appeal: Today's security screens come in designer styles to complement any architectural décor. Discreet, integrated designs maintain aesthetic curb appeal.

UV protection

Some security screen windows utilize solar shield technology to filter out up to 99% of damaging UV rays for extended window protection.

Improves energy efficiency

Dual-pane security window screens can boost energy savings by serving as an extra barrier against temperature fluctuations.

Security Screen Doors & Windows Installation Wheatland CA

Screen & Shade Solutions provides custom security screen door and window installation throughout Wheatland and Lincoln. Our experienced installation technicians use heavy-duty aluminum frames, high-grade stainless steel hardware, and durable screening materials from top brands like Phantom Screens for long-lasting, secure installations.

We perform a site measurement and consultation to ensure the proper product fit. Installation usually takes 1-2 hours depending on the project scope. All screens receive final adjustments and quality checks to guarantee proper functionality. We also offer repairs and replacements for existing screens. Post-installation support is provided to address any potential concerns.

How Secure are Security Screen Doors & Windows?

When installed correctly using quality materials, modern residential and commercial security screens provide an excellent level of protection in Wheatland CA. Key factors that influence their security strength include:


Finer 18x16 or 18x14 mesh is more secure than coarser screens. Stainless steel and rigid honeycomb or panel styles are strongest.

Frame construction 

Heavy-duty aluminum frames with internal multi-point locking mechanisms hold up best. Wood frames can warp over time.


Rust-resistant stainless steel hinges, hooks, and latches securely fasten the screens in place.


Proper installation squared, level and anchored according to best practices is essential for security and longevity.

Top brands like R Lang and Phantom go through rigorous testing to receive certifications from organizations like DPAA and SDI. When selected and installed properly, today's modern security screens defend entries just as sturdily as solid doors and windows in many residential applications.

Choosing the Right Wheatland Security Door or Window

With Screen & Shade Solutions, you can expect a wide offering of styles, finishes, and custom options in our security screens to fit any Wheatland CA home or business exterior. Here are some factors to consider when choosing:


Doors come in swinging, sliding or bifold styles. Windows are casement, awning, hopper, fixed or sliding configurations for any opening.

Screen material: Fiberglass, aluminum and stainless steel options offering varying levels of security and visibility.


Popular powder-coated colors include white, bronze and dark bronze that complement most décors. Custom paint matching is also available.

Hardware finish

Screen and shade solutions offer finishes like oil rubbed bronze that match door hardware aesthetics.

Pet compatibility

Options for cat doors or exits enable pets to safely access yards.

Energy efficiency

Dual or triple pane insulating options block heat/cold transfer for higher Window performance ratings.


Pricing varies based on size, material, and features from economical to high-end luxury styles.

We’ll help you pick the right material, style and features to suit your design, security and budget needs in Wheatland.

How Much Do Security Screen Doors & Windows Cost in Wheatland?

Security screen prices vary based on individual material selections, sizes, and desired features. However, to provide a general cost range, here are some average pricing examples for security screen systems installed in Wheatland CA homes from Screen & Shade Solutions:

Standard Residential Door: $300-$500 for a basic 24" x 80" single panel aluminum screen door.

Premium Door: $500-$1,000 for dual panel or bifold options with upgraded materials and hardware.

Small Window

$150-$300 per fixed or sliding security window up to 24" x 36".

Medium Window

$300-$500 for screens between 24" x 36" to 48" x 72".

Large Window or Door

$500-$1,500 for extra large or dual pane security systems over 48" wide.

Commercial Grade

$1,000+ depending on scale for strong screening of storefront areas.

Additional costs may include custom sizing, installation, permits and taxes. We offer flexible payment plans and work with multiple lenders and insurers as well. Contact us for a free estimate tailored to your Wheatland home's individual measurements and protection needs.

Why Choose Screen & Shade Solutions?

As the trusted source for security screens in Wheatland, here are some key advantages of selecting Screen & Shade Solutions:


With over  years in the field, we're Wheatland's expert source for security screening info and options.

Quality Products

Work exclusively with top brands for maximum protection like R Lang, Phantom and Titan.


Tailor security screens to your home's architecture through customizable materials, colors and features.

Pro Installation

Factory trained technicians install to proper specifications for maximum security and longevity.

Warranty Backed

Screens and labor come with comprehensive, transferable warranty protection.

Maintenance Support

Offer repairs, replacements and cleaning services for any existing or future screens.

Budget Friendly

Affordable pricing covers all protection levels through flexible payment plans.

Contact the security screen experts at Screen & Shade Solutions today to schedule your Wheatland CA home assessment. We'll recommend the ideal security solutions within your budget to safeguard your property the right way.