Security Screen Doors & Windows in Woodland CA


A secure home is every homeowner's goal. One of the best ways to enhance home security is by installing security screen doors and windows. As the name suggests, security screen doors and windows provide an extra layer of protection for entry points like doors and windows. They allow visibility and ventilation while keeping intruders out. This article discusses everything you need to know about security screen doors and windows in Woodland, CA from the top security screen manufacturer in the area - Screen & Shade Solutions.

What is a Security Screen Door?

A security screen door is an exterior door that features a strong, durable screen mesh material instead of solid panels. The screen mesh allows you to see out and get natural airflow and sunlight into your home without compromising on security. Most security screen doors have a heavy-duty screen mesh made from aluminum, stainless steel, or bronze. This screen material is much stronger than regular window screens and prevents intruders from reaching through to unlock the door.

Security screen doors install outside the primary entry door and function as an extra barrier. When closed and locked, they block unauthorized access even if the inner door is unlocked. Some advanced security screen doors even come with additional security features like fingerprint locks, keypad codes, remote access controls, and alarms. This makes them highly effective at crime prevention compared to regular screen or storm doors.

Understanding Security Screen Windows

Just like security screen doors, security screen windows provide an extra layer of protection for window openings. They feature strong, durable screen mesh installed on the exterior side of standard windows. This allows full visibility, ventilation, and light transmission without compromising security. The reinforced security screen mesh is built to withstand attempted break-ins. It prevents intruders from reaching through windows to unlock and open them from the outside.

Most security screen windows also have durable framing and locking mechanisms for increased strength. Some high-security screening options even come with tempered hardened glass behind the mesh for optimal protection against break-ins or storms. Installing security screen windows is a smart way for Woodland homeowners to safeguard their property without having to replace all their existing windows with expensive, fixed security glazing units.

Benefits of Security Screen Doors & Windows

There are numerous advantages of investing in security screen doors and windows for your Woodland home:

Deters crimes: The visible security features deter potential burglars and vandals from targeting your home.

Peace of mind: You no longer have to worry about break-ins through doors and windows when away from home.

Extra barrier: Provides an added layer of protection beyond regular doors and windows.

Allow ventilation: Screen mesh allows fresh air flow while blocking entry of insects and debris.

Visibility: You can see outside clearly without compromising security like bars would.

Suitable for any budget: More affordable home protection alternative than intruder alarms or full window replacements.

Low maintenance: Durable screening lasts for years with minimal upkeep or repairs needed.

Customizable options: Variety of styles, finishes, locking systems and security levels to suit your specific requirements.

Increase property value: Perceived as an important home security feature that buyers look for.

Security Screen Doors & Windows Installation Woodland CA

Professional security screen door and window installation is recommended for maximum safety and security. Screen & Shade Solutions is one of the top security screen installation services in Woodland, CA. Their experienced technicians are certified to install top brands like R Lang and Titan, ensuring high quality, code-compliant results.

The installation process involves removing existing doors/windows and meticulously fitting the new security screens securely in their place. All screens are precisely measured to get a perfect fit with even gaps around the perimeter. Durable weather seals are also applied for protection against elements. Extra security features like locks, latches, safety pins, and viewing ports are installed as needed.

After installation, a thorough inspection ensures secure mounting and functioning of all components. Comprehensive instructions are provided regarding screen operation and maintenance. Screen & Shade Solutions also offers installation warranty and servicing to address any unforeseen issues. Proper installation is essential to ensure long-lasting performance of security screen doors and windows.

How Secure are Security Screen Doors & Windows?

Quality security screen doors and windows from trusted manufacturers like R Lang and Titan provide excellent protection against break-ins when properly installed. Their hardened screen mesh is durable enough to withstand attempted intrusions. Reinforced frames add strength to withstand pulling, prying, or cutting efforts.

Advanced screens have protective coatings to prevent cutting through the mesh. Some even use stainless steel mesh or incorporate laminated glass behinsecurity screen for windows Woodlandd for greater durability. Proper locking systems and additional reinforcements at contact points further improve intrusion resistance.

While no system is unbreakable, security screens certainly raise the bar much higher than regular doors and windows. They effectively discourage opportunistic crimes and buy you valuable time to call for help in case of a serious break-in attempt. Purchased from a reputed supplier and professionally installed, they can provide peace of mind without costing a fortune.

How Secure are Security Screen Doors & Windows?

There is a wide variety of options available when it comes to security screen doors and windows. Factors to consider when making your selection include:

Style: Choose classic, contemporary or decorative panel options to complement your home's architecture.

Material: Aluminum, bronze and stainless steel mesh provide different levels of strength and durability.

Openings: Typical sizes for doors, sliders, casements or other windows. Consider ADA needs.

Hardware: Lever or thumb-turn locks, peepholes, safety pins, chain/bolt locks for securing.

Glazing: Some offer tempered glass, laminates or grilles behind mesh for enhanced security.

Brand: Reputable brands like R Lang, Larson, Phifer and Titan ensure quality and warranties.

Budget: Cost varies with materials, features, size and brand. Compare values.

An in-person consultation with an expert supplier like Screen & Shade Solutions helps navigate options to find the perfect fit within your requirements and budget.

How Much Do Security Screen Doors & Windows Cost in Woodland?

Security screen door and window pricing varies depending on factors like material, size, framing material, brand chosen, additional features, and complexity of installation. However, on average homeowners can expect to pay:

Security screen doors: $300-$800 for a standard 36" fiberglass door with mesh infill. Add $100-$300 for larger sizes or extra security hardware.

Security screen windows: $150-$400 per single window installed of an average size. Larger picture windows may range $400-$800.

Labor for installation: $75-$150 per door or $50-$125 per window depending on ease of access and setup required.

Premium brands with advanced features like bronze mesh, retractable screens or laminated glass backings can potentially start at $1000 and up per unit installed. However, basic security screens remain quite affordable, especially compared to alternatives like intrusion alarms. Professional installation also ensures proper performance and maximizes return on investment.

Why Choose Screen & Shade Solutions?

As the most trusted name for security and shading needs in Woodland and surrounding areas, Screen & Shade Solutions is the ideal partner for your home security screen installation. Here are some key reasons to hire them:

Experience: Provides security screen solutions since 1992 with over 10,000 installations done.

Expertise: Factory-trained and certified technicians proficient at door and window work.

Quality products: Exclusive distributor of R Lang, Titan and other premium brands.

Range of options: Helps select best suited material, style and features for your requirements.

Customization: Offers made-to-measure and customized security screen solutions.

Reliability: Uses precision tools, strict quality checks and building code compliance.

Support: Provides installation warranty, ongoing services and quick resolution for issues if any.

Trusted brand: Relied upon by builders, contractors and homeowners throughout the Woodland area.

Budget options: Helps stay on budget with financing and bundle offers.

With Screen & Shade Solutions as your security screen partner, you are assured of a professional, worry-free installation process and long lasting protection for your home.